Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society

The Lycoming County Historical Society publishes an annual journal, focusing on Lycoming County history. The Journal of the Lycoming County Historical Society is delivered to all members as a benefit. Copies are available for purchase in the Taber Museum shop.

VOLUME XLVII, Winter 2011/2012 Edition

  • “Treasure Comes in Many Forms”
    By: Robert E. Kane, Jr.

Robert Kane examines the history and architecture of a Williamsport residence at 162 East Third Street.

  • “A Common Canvas: Pennsylvania Post Office Art of the New Deal”
    By: David Lembeck

The story behind some of the government-sponsored murals found in Pennsylvania post offices, including the scene of local 18th century hero Rachel Silverthorne.

  • “William Colt, Newberry Cabinetmaker”
    By: Gary W. Parks, LCHS Director

Gary Parks examines the career of local cabinetmaker William Colt, along with a listing of Colt’s clients transcribed from a ledger in the LCHS archives.

  • “Eugene Landon, Master Craftsman: Insight into the Twenty-First Century Interest in Antiques and Reproductions”
    By: Kimberly Morris

A study of collecting habits, with a focus on the life and work of local woodworking master Eugene Landon.

VOLUME XLVI, Winter 2010/2011 Edition

  • “Juneteenth, Julia Collins & Exploring History: Digging for Lost Stories from a Changing Past”
    By: Dr. Mitch Kachun

In this article, Professor Kachun discusses the value of historical research and the story of his own discovery about the life of 19th century African American novelist Julia Collins, who lived and taught school in Williamsport in the 1860s. Under LCHS’s sponsorship, Julia Collins recently received recognition with a Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission marker located on the Susquehanna Riverwalk near the Hepburn Street dam. Dr. Mitch Kachun is an Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the History Department at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.

  • “George Loring Brown’s Near Sunset: Bay of Naples: A Gem in the Park Home Collection”
    By: Dr. Amy Golahny

The Park Home, a personal care home formerly located at 800 West Fourth Street in Williamsport, housed a fine art collection acquired by local entrepreneur William “Bud” Stuart in the early 20th century. Many of this collection’s paintings, recently restored, are now on loan to the Taber Museum and exhibited in its art gallery. In this article, Professor Golahny examines one of the works, George Loring Brown’s Near Sunset: Bay of Naples. Professor Golahny teaches art history at Lycoming College in Williamsport.

  • “Lycoming County Women’s History Project: The Other Half of the Story”
    By: Janet McNeil Hurlbert & Mary L. Sieminski

In this article, Janet Hurlbert and Mary Sieminski outline a cooperative project focusing on women’s history and involving Lycoming College’s Snowden Library, Williamsport’s James V. Brown Library, and the Lycoming County Historical Society. The project resulted in the creation of an on-line repository of archival material. The article not only explains how the project came about and who was involved, but also describes some of the holdings of each organization that are included in the repository. Janet McNeil Hurlbert is the director of the Snowden Library and Mary L. Sieminski is manager of the Lycoming County Women’s History Project.

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List Of Journals

IssueMain TopicAuthor
Fall 1955, Vol. I, No.2Sketch of the Life of Gen. John Burrows of Lycoming CountyGeneral John Burrows
Spring 1956, Vol. I. No. 3Ocean Voyage of the Kiess Family — The DiaryGeorge Kiess
Fall 1956, Vol. I, No.4Memories of Wild Life On Young Woman’s CreekHenry W. Shoemaker
Spring 1957, Vol I, No. 5Early Lumbering in Cogan House TownshipMilton Landis
Winter 1958, Vol I, No. 8What Lumbering Meant to the U.S.A.Dr. Lewis E. Theiss
Spring 1958, Vol. 1, No. 7Fort Augusta: What It Meant to the Pioneers of the Susquehanna ValleyDr. Lewis E. Thiess
Summer 1959, Vol. I, No. 9Freedom RoadRalph L. Lester
Winter 1959, Vol I, No.10The Williamson RoadCharles G. Webb
Summer 1960, Vol. II, No.1Life in a Small TownMrs. J. Wesley Little
Winter 1961, Vol. II, No. 4The Great Runaway of 1778Helen H. Russell
Summer 1962, Vol. II, No.5The Susquehanna BoomGibson Antes
Winter 1963, Vol. II, No. 7The Culbertson PathCarlton E. Fink
Spring 1963, Vol II, No. 6Stump Pulling in Cogan House Township 1890 — 1930Berton E. Beck, D.D.S.
Summer 1966, Vol III, No. 1To The West For GoldWilliam H. Chamberlin
Spring 1968, Vol V, No. 1Local History As A HobbyRev. Charles F. Berkheimer, D.D.
Spring 1969, Vol VI, No. 1Life of John BartramRichard L. Mix
Fall 1973, Vol IX, No. 2Sequoyah of the CherokeesGladys A. Tozier
Spring 1975, Vol XI, No. 1The Story of Peter Herdic
Spring 1982, Vol XVIII, No 1Early Episodes in Williamsport’s HistoryPaul Gilmore
Fall 1984, Vol XX, No. 2Some Important Milestones in Lycoming County ArchaeologyJames P. Bressler
Spring 1985, Vol XXI, No. 1John Alden Knight and the Solunar Tables
Fall 1985, Vol XXII, No. 2Unraveling the Wertman Site MysteriesJames P. Bressler
Winter 1986, Vol XXIV, No. 2“Stilling Birch” in Cogan House TownshipCarl B. Taylor
Summer 1987, Vol XXV, No 1Tom Fausett (The Record of a Trifle Lone Tragedy)Henry W. Shoemaker
Summer 1988, Vol XXVII, No. 1Gifford Pinchot Pioneer Conservationist — Part IStephanie Zebrowski
Winter 1988, Vol XXVIII, No. 2Gifford Pinchot Pioneer Conservationist — Part IIStephanie Zebrowski
Winter 1988, Vol XXVI, No 2The Last Hanging in Lycoming CountyEverett Rubendall
Summer 1989, Vol XXIX, No. 1Debunking a Myth — Were There Really Buffalo in Pennsylvania?Stephanie Zebrowski
Summer 1990, Vol XXXI, No. 1Regional Industries and Environmental ImpactJulia Gano
Winter 1990, Vol XXXII, No. 2A Death Shout (A Story of the Senecas)Henry W. Shoemaker
Winter 1992, Vol XXXIV, No. 1Excavation of a Shenks Ferry Habitation Complex on Canfield Island,…James P. Bressler
Summer 1995, Vol XXXV, No. 1Personal Journal of Evan RussellCaptain Evan Russell
Winter 1996, Vol XXXVI, No. 1John Hazel: The Wizard CornetistJohn Hunsinger
Fall 1997, Vol XXXVII, No. 1A Path of Discovery: Reevaluating Pennsylvania
Mark E. Stamm
Winter 1997/98, Vol XXXVII, No. 2The Park Home Collection – Special Edition
Fall 1998, Vol XXXVIII, No. 1The John Sloan Collection
Fall/Winter 1999Floods – Refugee Camp at Brandon Park, 1889 Flood
Vol XXXIX, 2000/2001, No. 1An Historical Walking Tour of Millionaires’ Row
Winter 2001/2002Grand Tours and Artistic Friendships
Art from the Thomas T. Taber Museum and Park Home Collections
2002/2003, Vol XL, No. 1Remembrances of September 11, 2001
2003, Vol XLIHistorical Walking Tour of Downtown Williamsport
Winter 2004/2005, Vol XLIIWomen at Work in North-Central PennsylvaniaAlison Hirsch, Ph.D.
2007, Vol XLIIIThe Birth of a Historical SocietySandra Rife
2008, Vol XLIV– Tracking the Fate of Private John Richner, a
Pennsylvania Volunteer in the Civil War- Maple Street A.M.E. Zion Church, Williamsport, PA- The Marbles of the James V. Brown Library
– Mark E. Richner withBrian R. Mathias- Louisa M. Stone– Dr. Amy Golahny
Winter 2009/2010, Vol XLV-The Stained Glass Windows of Williamsport-A Walking Tour of Ten Churches from East to WestDr. Amy Golahny
Winter 2010/2011, Vol XLVI-Juneteenth, Julia Collins & Exploring History-George Loring Brown’s Near Sunset: Bay of Naples-Lycoming County Women’s History Project-Dr. Mitch Kachun
-Dr. Amy Golahny
-Janet McNeil Hurlbert &
-Mary L. Sieminski
Winter 2011-2012, Vol XLVII-Treasure Comes in Many Forms
-A Common Canvas: Pennsylvania Post Office Art of the New Deal
-William Colt, Newberry Cabinetmaker
-Eugene Landon, Master Craftsman
-Robert E. Kane, Jr.
-David Lembeck
-Gary W. Parks
-Kimberly Morris
Winter 2012-2013, Vol XLVIII -Jewels & Needles: Studies of 19th Century Women -Adding new jewels to her coronet: The Remarkable Career of Juliet Lewis Campbell
–Civil War Quilts and Care Packages: Support for Soldiers from the Women at Home -Unraveling the Embroidery Thread: The Margaret Clark Needlework SamplerThe Largest Stock and Lowest Prices… Jewelry and Watches in Nineteenth
Century Williamsport
-Timothy Lorson
-Ann F. Diseroad
-Corinne Brister
-Gary W. Parks