School Visits

General Tour Highlights

American Indians in Lycoming County

Discover the changing cultures of the region’s first settlers beginning 12,000 years ago. To enhance their experience, students may step inside an archaeological excavation and climb into a replicated dugout canoe.

Frontier Life

Pioneer times come to life in the Frontier exhibit through the many tools and house wares on exhibit. Learn how these early settlers coped under harsh conditions and with limited supplies.

19th Century Lycoming County

Peek through the windows of a re-created general store to see some of the things people needed, wanted, or thought were extravagant. Visit a one-room school to view a collection of inkwells, slates, and books that illustrate children’s education at the turn of the 19th & 20th centuries. Get a glimpse into the homes of 19th century residents through the Greek Revival and Victorian Parlor period rooms.

The Lumbering Industry

Lumbering was so vital to the region’s growth and prosperity in the 19th century, Williamsport became known as the Lumber Capital of the World. Learn the importance of the Susquehanna Log Boom, the process of lumbering, and the devastating effect it had on the environment.

Hall of Farming, Crafts, and Industry

This hall presents a timeline of local industry from pioneer times to the 20th century. Highlights include a wood worker’s shop, a grist mill, and a blacksmith shop. If you like old tools, implements and machinery, this room has them all.

Larue Shempp Model Train Exhibition

This unique exhibition, one of the finest in the U.S., also features two working layouts for visitors to operate and enjoy.

Motor Coach Tours

Explore the history of north central Pennsylvania and discover the major events of our region’s history while learning about everyday life. The story unfolds through exhibits, galleries and period rooms on the museum’s two levels. Tour guides are available to provide a structured tour or just to answer questions and our staff can work with you to develop themed tours. The Museum Store offers a nice selection of keepsakes at affordable prices.